Tuesday, April 5, 2022 by DJ Uncertain

Airplane mode

so crazy that we drove across the country with the radio and ended up parked outside the Geffen

glad we did cuz these shows happened

The Uhuruverse Hour

V. Vale of RE/Search and Ewa Wojciak of YES PRESS/NO MAGAZINE: Stay the Course

Elliot Reed: Lab Test with Uninvited Guests

Douglas Kearney: OverDeluxe AF

just to name a few. Most of those folks have ended up contributing additional segments in the several years between now and then (2019) so search their names in the archive for more. 

and keep an eye out for upcoming offsite trips...a paper airplane landed on my desk and it said "Seoul August 2022" so I wrote "MPR" across the top


image: Installation photograph of Chris Burden's 'When Robots Rule: The Two-Minute Airplane Factory', Tate Gallery, Duveen Gallery, 1999