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My Aura Will Destroy You

Sometimes I’m up late thinking about how we’re always in a radio wave. When we sleep, when we shower, when we breathe. The discomfort is desirable, nearly erotic. At all given times there are radio waves permeating through and around my body. I like to think in a micro-sense when people listen to the radio, because the translated sound has reached their ears, they hear me. We’ve embraced via air. When I let my mind run I get so far as to imagine their manipulation, how do I become the voice inside the voice when played back on someone's conspiracy youtube channel it’s deemed black magic. There’s something there with auric fields and psychic communication that can make it possible. Santa Ynes Valley News website reads “When electricity moves through a conductor, such as a wire, an electromagnetic field (EMF) is created around it. Because we are conductors, it follows that we have an EMF, a field of energy, around our bodies. This may be what some people call the aura.” So it's fact, the human aura is an electromagnetic field around the body. Wikipedia, a most thorough research platform, states "radio waves as a type of electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum longer than infrared radiation". Maybe there'll be a radio wave auric disruption meditation session at the studio one day, for now, I will continue my efforts in undisclosed quarters.

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Tishan Hsu / skin-screen-grass

Stopped by Miguel Abreu Gallery today for skin-screen-grass, the solo exhibition from Tishan Hsu. It's up until the 15th, and you can read more about it here. Trigger warning for all my trypophobics 

And listen to the segment Tishan contributed in July 2021 with Chris Lew and Daniel Chew of CFGNY here:


Phone-Breath-Bed 1, 2021

Phone-Breath-Bed 1, 2021 [detail view]



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Klein, Josiane Pozi, and collaborators are master of AV dissonance; hyper processed vocals over private moments and emotionally pithy with limited stock camera effects. "Music videos" hardly do these justice, but the videos below are just some of the more harrowing fragments of entertainment media I've encountered on YouTube in the last years from them. There's a diary's worth more if you follow the right links.

This episode: "An open source review of Rhop by Klein featuring Koyejo Oloko as guest and also features original music by Klein. (klein willl sue if u steal this hehe lol)
on the books."

And from Josianne on Montez Press Radio a few months prior:

And this one, "Josiane Pozi with Caius Williams on cello and Nat Philips on tenor sax"




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Outside The Law, Which is Language

I remember Fiona playing this during a Hard to Read segment in the studio years ago. Especially delightful after that heavy metal harp glissando drop at 2:18. "Outside The Law, Which Is Language" is a nice title too, and reminds me of something Vanessa Place said in this interview way back:


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I spend all day looking at such fantastic things! One interesting image after the next, each more interesting than the last! But the fun must come to an end. Ah! Such fascinating music segments with wildly mundane subject matter to begin the process again:

Bobo: The Bobo Radio Hour

Joel Patrick trappped and Zachary Waltman hopper1000: Freaky Eagle

jaime brooks: on pop music

Lucas Mascatello and Richard Turley: Civilization Radio:

Fujoshi Made Me Nightcore:



Listening to a kid sound out the words makes you wonder if every manifesto isn't, in some way, written with a kid in mind. Some of these kids make it all the way through manifestos I couldn't commit to finishing. Some of these kids are pissed too-- which is refreshing-- or its that 9yo boys don't want to read the part in S.C.U.M. manifesto about castration before playtime. This year the first of Gen Z enters a grim post-pandemic job market concerend with comfort above all else, while a few Gen Alpha kids read historical manifestos into a mic.  Its harrowing, funny, and almost hopeful. great list of readings too. 

Part 1.

Tracklist: Pandrogyny Manifesto by Breyer P-Orridge / Wear Sunscreen by Mary Schmidt / Theatre of Cruelty by Antonin Artaud / Auto-Destructive Art by Gustav Metzger / Abolish Restaurants by Prole / Ban the Bomb (Brussels Declaration 1) by Provo / The Cosmic Redistribution Service

Part 2.

Tracklist: Manifesto (Architecture & War) by Lebbeus Woods / A Declaration From the Poor Oppressed People of England by Gerrard Winstanley / 100 Impossible Artworks by Dora García / Blast! by Wyndham Lewis / Dada Manifesto by Francis Picabia / Dada Manifesto by Hugo Balls / Revolution in Dreams


More from Stanley Schtinter.  Important Books (or, Manifestos Read by Children) ran from May 2021 to May 2022 at Whitechapel Gallery in London, with a monthly installment on Montez Press Radio.


Kids are hopeful but omg seen:





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Clueless Agency: Paramour's Portmeirion Hush-Hush Den

Great listen via Prague-based Vojtěch Novák (of PGS collective). Murder mystery but all killer no filler fantasy-mix of music and lit with some hidden gems, especially Mark Leckey's contributions (lightly edited ;0) and a procession of frogs. This all weaves into the larger narrative of Cluless Agency, a series of traveling exhibitions. Dinner theatre but the dishes are icky.


Muslimgauze - Maroon Of Gaza (prelude)
Mark Leckey - O Magic Power of Bleakness
Ron Grainer - Night-Time Drink, The Prisoner
Michael Giles, Jamie Muir & David Cunningham - Ghost Dance
Hajj - Dad is Destroying The World For My Sake
Mark Leckey - Exorcism Of The Bridge@Eastham Rake
Manuka Honey & Estoc - Morningstar
Moukeprabbeli - Frog Procession
Fauste - Black Doom
Mr. Emolga - Ironic Goblin Sounds
N RED UP - 'S. Fox (2nd Edit)'
Koudlam - Benidorm Dream (encore)