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Hannah Sawtell: Radio Raum (live on Mayday for MPR and Cashmere Radio, Berlin)

Image Credit: Radio Raum, Hannah Sawtell, 2022 

It’s Labor Day in the US so we wanted to highlight a recent live performance by Hannah Sawtell, originally broadcast on May 1st 2022, during a Montez Press Radio offsite project in Berlin. Montez Press was there for the Miss Read Book Fair and MPR collaborated with Cashmere Radio to co-program a live broadcast. In MAYDAY: RADIO RAUM, Sawtell revisits and re-contextualises a work she made 10 years ago called MAYDAY:THE BOOTH (Clocktower Radio, New York, 2012) for May Day 2022 in Berlin. 50 collaborators were asked to respond (through sound) to what the word Mayday means to them.

Collaborators as follows: ATM Kreutzberg, automat, Blak Tony, Black Hole Club, Cash for Gold, James Crossley, Marcia Carr, Dale Cornish, Darcus Howe Legacy, Keith Dodds, Food Not Bombs, J Hügel Geist, Harvinder, KEIZ, Lauren Flax, Esther Leslie, Mick Lynch, Ms Bioland, Marc Mac, McDaid, Lisa Mckenzie, Mel Mullings, Nathan Carter extrastereo, Eleni Poulou, Antonio Roberts, Oliver Romoff, Rap Saunders, Raumer, Jas Singh, Sylvie Lee, Robin Stewart, Giant Swan, Cathy Wade, Kühle Wampe, Tony F Wilson, Women Within RMT, Working Class Collective, Matthew Worley, Lady Brat Wurst and Walworth Choir. Each contribution was edited and mixed live by Hannah.

International Workers' Day, also known as Labour Day in most countries and often referred to as May Day, is a celebration of workers and the working classes that is promoted by the international labour movement and occurs every year in the UK and Europe on the 1st of May.

Hannah Sawtell is an artist working with sound, video, collectively built app development, installation, performance, radio, and sculpture. She lives and works in London, though her background is in the electronic music scene in London and Detroit; she co-ran the label Planet E. From her life as a DJ and organiser, she started to work as a performer and artist. Sawtell's multi-disciplinary practice is concerned with our globally connected society and aims to provoke debate around the technology of access, labour, capital and surplus, desire and excess. Her work exploits the processes and materials accessible in the current culture of connectivity.

Listen to Radio Raum (2022) 
Listen to Mayday the Booth (2012)


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JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJerome Ellis is a stuttering, Afro-Caribbean composer, performer, and writer. Listen to his 2020 MPR segment here

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John Miller + Friends

John Miller plays music he's made over the years with some incredble artists including: J.D. King, Thurston Moore, Dan Walworth, Tony Oursler, Bill Stobaugh, John Arnheim, Mike Kelley, Takuji Kogo, Aura Rosenberg, Frank Lutz, Greg Parma Smith, Jon Kessler, David Humphrey, Tony Conrad, Jutta Koether, Servane Mary, Jose Martos, Bill Komoski, Judith Raum, Raimar Stange, Andreas Schlaegel, Laura Oldenburg, Micz Flor, Kim Gordon

Listen on MPR here

Check out John and Takuji Kogo's 'Robot' YT channel for more * spectacular * music videos:


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Tao Lin and Nick Irvin


A slow but based interview with Tao Lin on the occasion of Nick Irvin's (Song Cycle) exhibition of Lin's Mandala drawings at Ka-Vá, Kava & Kratom Bar.

Listen to the segment here:

Read more about the show here:


Emma McCormick-Goodhart does a deep dive into the sounds of Carpathian Ukraine with guest, Yael Strom.

Listen to the full segment here:

More links from Emma:

-> A new podcast series from Masha Udensiva-Brenner at Columbia University's Harriman Institute. It's called Voices of Ukraine and it tells stories of folks whose lives have been upended by the war.

-> Maria Sonevytsky's work and her recent Understanding the War on Ukraine Through Its Musical Culture, and older Wild Music: Ethnic Intimacy, Auto-Exoticism, and Infrastructural Activism.

-> For mixed language practices ("surzhyk") and politic: Laada Bilaniuk's Contested Tongues.

-> Here, also, is Yevgenia Belorusets' daily War Diary, copublished by friends' imprint isolarii.

 -> tracks from The Polyphony Project archive around Yale Strom's choices

-> New Yorker dispatch on Ukraine's Kraina FM that decamped to the mountains.




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Ergot live


Listen -->

Listen -->

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