Snake The high castle (final chapter) The jeune fille The birch leaves The herdsmen Blue blues Horse Language A grape A The tracking shot and the repeated gaze (a couple) Unboxing death The keeper of the groove Pigman (half human half pigment) And members of the class of Jutta Koether (falls dies nicht schon eh an anderer Stelle erwähnt wird). From Jutta Koether's Class at The Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg (the University of Fine Arts of Hamburg)

Listen on MPR here

Harry Tafoya sat down with Agosoto Machado, the pre-Stonewall street queen, actor, collector, activist, organizer, and so much more. Listen to Agosto share heartwarming tales of the NYC avant garde from when it was grittier and prettier

Agosto has performed with Jack Smith, Ethyl Eichelberger, Stephen Varble, Angels of Light, and the Cockettes, as well as Warhol Superstars Candy Darling, Holly Woodlawn, Mario Montez, and Jackie Curtis. He’s been a muse for generations of artists including Peter Hujar, Jack Pierson, Tabboo!, Collier Schorr, Alice O’Malley, and Ryan McGinley; a collector of his myriad friends’ work including the art of Arch Connolly, Gilda Pervin, Thomas Lanigan-Schmidt, Uzi Parnes, Ken Tisa, and Martin Wong; self-taught East Village street artists; and part of the cohort of queer revolutionaries, including Sylvia Rivera and  Marsha P. Johnson, with whom he participated in the Stonewall Rebellion. 

Listen here

And more from 'Agosto Machado: The Forbidden City' at Gordon Robichaux 

PDF of some of the relics from his personl collection <--- here

Bob Gruen
Untitled (La MaMa rehearsal loft with Prendeville Ohio, Dorrian
Grey, Agosto Machado, Paul Ambrose, Jackie Curtis, Candy
Darling, Ondine), 1971

Jack Smith
Untitled (Mario Montez and Agosto Machado), c. early 1980s

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Felix Kubin



Nick Klein's Psychic Liberation Show sat down with Felix Kubin, the legendary electronic musician, composer, curator, sound and radio artist from Hamburg. He also runs the record label Gagarin Records

Felix later shared this radio play with us (produced with IIRRM). Listen on MPR -->

Sad Mr Met GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

Meet the man under the mask. Dena Yago and Sam Korman interview Matt Golden, former Mr. Met from 1999-2011. That’s peak Piazza, Subway Series, 9/11, and the recession. All the highs and the lows raw and uncut here on MPR -->


The Unplugged is a scato-acoustic-indie-pop covers band consisting of Gianmaria Andreetta and Bruno Zhu.

"The Unplugged came about around 2018 when I was going through major episodes of flatulence. It was getting quite desperate so I started recording my farts and my bowel movements in the toilet. I thought of MTV Unplugged since these sounds were made without music instruments, therefore acoustic. The band's name is an homage to MTV Unplugged. I went to the studio the next day and told Gianmaria about it and we tried to make "music" then, but we couldn't fart in command, so we dropped the idea. In 2019, Gianmaria listed The Unplugged for an exhibition proposal in Switzerland, so we met up again and started from scratch. The show took place this year at Fri Art Kunsthalle in Fribourg. We are a covers band. Our genre could be called acoustic-scato-indie-pop and we are looking to diversify. But it's unlistenable really.  Our process is basically spending hours talking about anything, which we dubbed as our version of "jamming", as a way to make unexpected associations, word games, weird thought-experiments. The final covers are responsive language games–ie: Kylie Minogue 'Slow' (but in shock) or Sophie Ellis-Bextor 'Murder on the Dancefloor' (but groovier)." - Bruno Zhu

Listen on MPR HERE -->


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Ad free no talk music radio hours

Whitney Claflin's Moody Guitar-y- Mix -->

Maggie Lee's Broken iPod -->

Moor Mother -->

Channel PTP: Slowness as the Vehicle VI -->

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Creel Pone at 16

Keith Fullerton Whitman and Jacob Gorchov came on the radio to discuss the history of Creel Pone play back selections from its catalog.

Creel Pone is a reissue series started by Keith Fullerton Whitman focused on unearthing rare experimental electronic recordings as high quality CD reproductions.

Creel Pone central here--> ALPHASTATE.NYC

Listen to recordings on YouTube here --> YT 

Listen to convo and music on MPR here -->