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Outside The Law, Which is Language

I remember Fiona playing this during a Hard to Read segment in the studio years ago. Especially delightful after that heavy metal harp glissando drop at 2:18. "Outside The Law, Which Is Language" is a nice title too, and reminds me of something Vanessa Place said in this MPR interview:


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I spend all day looking at such fantastic things 
One interesting image after the next
Each is more interesting than the last 
But if the fun must come to an end
I will simply do it again 

Bobo: The Bobo Radio Hour

Joel Patrick trappped and Zachary Waltman hopper1000: Freaky Eagle

jaime brooks: on pop music

Lucas Mascatello and Richard Turley: Civilization Radio:

Fujoshi Made Me Nightcore:



Listening to a child sound out the words makes you wonder if every manifesto isn't, in some way, written with a child in mind. Some of these kids make it all the way through manifestos I couldn't commit to finishing. Some of these kids are angry because the world isnt the way it should be, or because they'd rather be playing minecraft. Or they are angry because 9 year old boys don't want to read the part in S.C.U.M. manifesto about castration.  Its harrowing, funny, and almost hopeful. And a really great reading list too. 

Part 1.

Tracklist: Pandrogyny Manifesto by Breyer P-Orridge / Wear Sunscreen by Mary Schmidt / Theatre of Cruelty by Antonin Artaud / Auto-Destructive Art by Gustav Metzger / Abolish Restaurants by Prole / Ban the Bomb (Brussels Declaration 1) by Provo / The Cosmic Redistribution Service

Part 2.

Tracklist: Manifesto (Architecture & War) by Lebbeus Woods / A Declaration From the Poor Oppressed People of England by Gerrard Winstanley / 100 Impossible Artworks by Dora García / Blast! by Wyndham Lewis / Dada Manifesto by Francis Picabia / Dada Manifesto by Hugo Balls / Revolution in Dreams


More from Stanley Schtinter.  Important Books (or, Manifestos Read by Children) ran from May 2021 to May 2022 at Whitechapel Gallery in London, with a monthly installment on Montez Press Radio





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Art Sound and Song parts 1 & 2

Adrian Rew and Bob Nickas came in to play their collection of artists' records, which raised a question: What makes an artist record? 

Bob seems to think if an artist made it, it's an artists' record. But what makes an artist, Bob?

Listen to their collection and banter here and here.

Pt.1 Tracklist:

Louise Lawler, Bird Calls, 1972/1981. / A Band (Paul McMahon and Nancy Radloff), Lowly Worm, 1979. / Carolee Schneemann, Look What the Cat Dragged In, 1988. / Destroy All Monsters, Mom and Dad's Pussy, circa 74-76 (sound collage by Mike Kelley). / Otis Houston Jr., Sugar Ray Get Out Of My Way, 2020. / Terry Allen, Truckload of Art, 1978. / B. Wurtz, Start Here, 2020. / Attersee und Ruhm, Schwarzer Peter, 1981. / The Cornichons, These Days, 2019. (Servane Mary, Jose Martos, John Miller, Aura Rosenberg, Dan Walworth) / Robert Barry, Otherwise (excerpt), 1981. / Andra Ursuta, Untitled (Anarchy in the U.K. performed in Arabic), 2018. / Terry Fox, Suono Interno (Internal Sound) excerpt, 1982. / donAteller, Dominator, 2003.
(Bonnie Camplin, Enrico David, Ed Laliq, Mark Leckey) / Tony McAulay, Collaborative Poem, 1986. / Lonnie Holley, Looking For All (All Rendered Truth), 2013. / Peter Gordon and Lawrence Weiner, Deutsche Angst, 1982. / 3 Teens Kill 4, 5/4, 1982. / Stefan Tcherepnin, Waco, 2019. / Rodney Graham, Champagne For Everyone, 2000. / UJ3RK5, Eisenhower and the Hippies, 1980. (Kitty Byrne, Rodney Graham, Colin Griffiths, Danice MacLeod, Frank Ramirez, Jeff Wall, Ian Wallace, David Wisdom) / Culturcide (Mark Flood), Let's Prance, 1986. / Martin Kippenbeger, Ja Ja Ja, Nee Nee Nee (Für Die Jugend), 1995.

Pt. 2 Tracklist:

1. Anton Bruhin - “Apocalypt EB-, sampling loop,” Jan 2000 (from ‘Deux Pipes,’ Alga Marghen, 2010). / 2. Jonathan Borofsky - “The Standard Chant Pt. 2,” 1983 (from ‘Audio By Visual Artists’ compilation, Tellus, 1988). / 3. John Armleder (performed by Christian Marclay) - “16 Great Turn-Ons,” 1988 (from ‘Audio By Visual Artists’ compilation, Tellus, 1988). / 4. Henning Christiansen - “Min Døde Hest Op. 55,” 1970 (from ‘Hesteofringen,’ Holidays Records, 2017). / 5. Jack Goldstein - “The Tornado,” 1976 (from self-released set of nine 7” records, 1976). / 6. Jack Goldstein - “The Burning Forest,” 1976 (from self-released set of nine 7” records, 1976). / 7. Jack Goldstein - “Two Wrestling Cats,” 1976 (from self-released set of nine 7” records, 1976). / 8. Seth Price - “Flipin Tha Bird,” 2011 (from ‘Honesty,’ Audio Visual Arts, 2011). / 9. Martin Kippenberger - “Bang Bang,” 1984 (from ‘Die Rache Der Erinnerung,’ ZickZack, 1984). / 10. Y Pants (Barbara Ess, Verge Piersol, and Gail Vachon) - “The Code Of Life,” 1982 (from ‘Beat It Down,’ Neutral Records, 1982). / 11. Dan Graham - “Untitled,” 1981 (from ‘Just Another Asshole’ compilation, Just Another Asshole, 1981). / 12. The Stallion - “Another Brick In The Wall Part 2,” 2017 (from ‘The Dark Side Of The Wall,’ In The Red Recordings, 2017). / 13. Martin Creed - “Ooh, Fuck Off,” 2008 (from ‘Work No. 815,’ SmartGuy Records, 2008). / 14. Isa Genzken & Total Freedom  - excerpt from “Fuck Them All,” 2016 (from ‘Fuck Them All,’ The Vinyl Factory, 2016). / 15. Wolfgang Tillmans - “Make It Up As You Go Along,” 2016 (from ‘2016 / 1986 EP,’ Fragile, 2016). / 16. Dennis Oppenheim - excerpt from “Theme For A Major Hit (Part 1),” 1974 (from ‘Theme For A Major Hit,’ Slowscan, 2016, originally released in 1975 on D’arc Press Inc). / 17. Hanne Darboven - excerpt from “Vierjahreszeiten 1981/82. Opus 7,” 1981/82 (from ‘Vierjahreszeiten 1981/82. Opus 7 “Der Mond Ist Aufgegangen”,’ self-released, 1982). / 18. John Giorno (with Alan Sarret, Ann Ware, Bryce marden, Henry  Geldzahler, John Perreauly, Lee Crabtree, Michael McClanathan, Nina Thurman, Patti Oldenberg, Peter Schjeldahl, Robert Rauschenberg, Sarah Dalton, Todd Berrigan, Trisha Brown, and Yvonne Rainer) - excerpt from “Pornographic Poem,” 1967 (from ‘Raspberry / Pornographic Poem,’ The Intravenus Mind,1967). / 19. Pedro, Muriel & Esther (Vaginal Davis and Glen Meadmore) - “Anna-ee,” 1991 (from ‘PME/EP,’ Amoeba Records, 1991). / 20. Pedro, Muriel & Esther (Vaginal Davis and Glen Meadmore) - “Mushroom Head,” 1991 (from ‘PME/EP,’ Amoeba Records, 1991). / 21. Terry Fox - excerpt from “The Labyrinth Scored For The Purrs Of 11 Different Cats,” 1976 (from ‘Airwaves’ compilation, One Ten Records, 1977). / 22. Electrophilia (Steven Parino and Jutta Koether, featuring Lizzi Bougatsos) - excerpt from “Witch,” 2004 (from ‘Black Noise Practitioner,’ Skul, 2004). / 23. Hannah Wilke - “Stand Up,” 1982 (from ‘Revolutions Per Minute (The Art Record),’ Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, Inc., 1982). / 24. Fanal (Kai Althoff) - “In Sie Hinein,” 2008 (from ‘Fanal II,’ Sonig, 2008). / 25. Jean Dubuffet - “Gai Savoir,” 1961 (from ‘Expériences Musicales 1961,’ Jeanne Dielman, 2016).

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Clueless Agency: Paramour's Portmeirion Hush-Hush Den

Great listen via Prague-based Vojtěch Novák (of PGS collective). Murder mystery but all killer no filler fantasy-mix of music and lit with some hidden gems, especially Mark Leckey's contributions (lightly edited ;0) and a procession of frogs. This all weaves into the larger narrative of Cluless Agency, a series of traveling exhibitions. Dinner theatre but the dishes are icky.


Muslimgauze - Maroon Of Gaza (prelude)
Mark Leckey - O Magic Power of Bleakness
Ron Grainer - Night-Time Drink, The Prisoner
Michael Giles, Jamie Muir & David Cunningham - Ghost Dance
Hajj - Dad is Destroying The World For My Sake
Mark Leckey - Exorcism Of The Bridge@Eastham Rake
Manuka Honey & Estoc - Morningstar
Moukeprabbeli - Frog Procession
Fauste - Black Doom
Mr. Emolga - Ironic Goblin Sounds
N RED UP - 'S. Fox (2nd Edit)'
Koudlam - Benidorm Dream (encore)



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i want to be art


More Dial Records from Carston Jost --




If you haven't heard Viktor Timofeev's recurring show Sibling Gardens you have some catching up to do. Looking now, there's seven episodes in the archive hosted by Viktor himself, in which artists who primarily work in visual media are invited to contribute recordings, songs, and sound collages for a mix compiled by Viktor.

Last week, Viktor handed the show over to Tomasz Kowalski for a guest appearance. The episode is played and sung in the form of a spontaneous outdoor ritual or folk operette, performed by Kowalski on digital glockenspiel/bells orchestra, classical dx guitar, midi harp, flute and voice accompanied by a loop choir. Each musical section is interrupted by Zuzanna Bartoszek's readings of her poetry, to which each subsequent fragment loosely refers. I loved Zuzanna's poems, and their cynicism and irony, in the context of Sibling Gardens—a show which links disparate artists across disparate fields and brings them together across time and space—became appropriately and pleasantly tangled. 


I put my phone away

Again, the day collapses upon me with all its weight

I surrender with joy

Some window opens

And a landscape is revealed:

Violet hills,

An awry cliff,

And something like a dying bonfire

This is my painting

Enlarged, printed, and hung just behind the window

It obscures the whole view

Except a gap at the bottom

A narrow strip with a street

With fucked-up cars

And fucked-up people


Enter the thicket here, or search "Sibling Gardens" in the archive for more.