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"Things i'm excited about"

Upcoming segment of Gryphon Rue's show Earmark featuring two hours with Clark Coolidge. 9/22, 4pm EST.


If you haven't heard Viktor Timofeev's recurring show Sibling Gardens you have some catching up to do. Looking now, there's seven episodes in the archive hosted by Viktor himself, in which artists who primarily work in visual media are invited to contribute recordings, songs, and sound collages for a mix compiled by Viktor.

Last week, Viktor handed the show over to Tomasz Kowalski for a guest appearance. The episode is played and sung in the form of a spontaneous outdoor ritual or folk operette, performed by Kowalski on digital glockenspiel/bells orchestra, classical dx guitar, midi harp, flute and voice accompanied by a loop choir. Each musical section is interrupted by Zuzanna Bartoszek's readings of her poetry, to which each subsequent fragment loosely refers. I loved Zuzanna's poems, and their cynicism and irony, in the context of Sibling Gardens—a show which links disparate artists across disparate fields and brings them together across time and space—became appropriately and pleasantly tangled. 


I put my phone away

Again, the day collapses upon me with all its weight

I surrender with joy

Some window opens

And a landscape is revealed:

Violet hills,

An awry cliff,

And something like a dying bonfire

This is my painting

Enlarged, printed, and hung just behind the window

It obscures the whole view

Except a gap at the bottom

A narrow strip with a street

With fucked-up cars

And fucked-up people


Enter the thicket here, or search "Sibling Gardens" in the archive for more.

An Duplan and Benjamin Krusling: Black Secrets: great was the ecstasy of my mind

Esther Sibiude featuring Malcolm Peacock, Brandee Younger, J Hunny, Josh Minkus, Celia Lesh, Mariangela Ciccarello, Lane Shi Otayonii, Emilia Wang. Joe Heffernan, Cornelia Herfurtner, Anna Pierce and Benjamin Scott, Lucia della Paolera, TRJJ: Escape of the Center

mrzb, Ossi Lehtonen, Lynn Suemitsu, César Brun, Tsai Mong-Hsuan: Pootti Potti: Yupi Dupy, a missed peak

Viktor Timofeev presents Sibling Gardens 4, with contributions by: Alex Turgeon, Bryce Hackford, Delia Gonzalez, Das Audit (Eve Essex, Craig Kalpakjian, Sean Keenan), Emily Jones, Evita Vasiljeva & Lila Neutre, Kaspars Groševs, Hitashya (Kai (Kari) Altmann), Hydrangea (Holly Childs & Gediminas Žygus), Kai Althoff, MSHR, Nuno Patricio & 9/ classiques/ souls, Sebastien Seynaeve, Ville Kallio.

Tim Simonds, Emma McCormick-Goodhart, and Aaron Lehman: Tongue and Cheek: Valve Lash

leon grey: BLK AFFECT: shadow gratitude

Lawrence Lek: Sinofuturism (1839-2046 AD)

DJ sets: Organized by 4649: Kazumichi Komatsu, Tasho Ishi

Xina Xurner: Under The

Noise & Politics: Vasculae, Apologist, Coteries, Santiago Leyba, Christian Mirande, Ligature

Abby Castillo: ENDS

Bleue Liverpool: On An Unrelated Axiom…

Albert Samreth featuring Kandis Williams, Evan Burrows, Yves Nuno and others: World Music & Poetry

Organized by art writer and compulsive producer of relationships, Paige K.B., and including friends, "Killed It" is a collection of writing that never made the publisher's chopping block. They include a review of Jay Chung Q Takeki Maeda's Bad Driver that Artforum didn't think was PC (?), expcerpts from Bruno Zhu's dirty diary, a short story from Erin Leland, and more. In Paiges words, "Artists and writers are perhaps preternaturally disposed to producing their works regardless of places to put it. Sometimes there's an overflow, and no one really knows just what to do with it. Or, you just can't reach people sometimes, and if they don't get it, then forget it! Interesting or promising work can get shot down, shelved, sabotaged, scraped off the plate, killed before it could live. Shit happens. But in the spirit of ars longa, vita brevis, a few voices here gather together our rejects and unpublishables with a view towards sparking a little afterlife"

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MPR graphic designer, Max, made this video when he visited from Hamburg a while back-- did you know he also runs an ǟƈɨɖ ɦօʊֆɛ !! label with 𝓯𝓻𝓲𝓮𝓷𝓭𝓼 ?



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