Head to the archives to listen to our broadcast of a two day symposium from Giorno Poetry Systems on Artist Curated Exhibitions with 

Day 1:
Elena Filipovic
Pati Hertling
Julie Tolentino
Edit Sasvári

Day 2:
Natalie Musteata
Nan Goldin
Alex Fialho
Zanna Gilbert

In her 2017 anthology titled The Artist as Curator, the curator and art historian Elena Filipovic asks a seemingly simple question: what happens to exhibitions when artists are the curators? Here they try to answer.

When artists curate, not only do they share their perspectives on the work of their peers, but they tend to propose different ideas about what an exhibition is for and what it can do. A closer look at a history of artist-curated exhibitions could bring significant insights to the field.

From a young buck who I've lost touch with's syllabus to yours here's, Filipovic's 2018 edited, The Artist As Curator, An Anthology: