Wednesday, November 10, 2021 by DJ Uncertain #art #poetry #music

Klein, Josiane Pozi, and collaborators are master of AV dissonance; hyper processed vocals over private moments and emotionally pithy with limited stock camera effects. "Music videos" hardly do these justice, but the videos below are just some of the more harrowing fragments of entertainment media I've encountered on YouTube in the last years from them. There's a diary's worth more if you follow the right links.

This episode: "An open source review of Rhop by Klein featuring Koyejo Oloko as guest and also features original music by Klein. (klein willl sue if u steal this hehe lol)
on the books."

And from Josianne on Montez Press Radio a few months prior:

And this one, "Josiane Pozi with Caius Williams on cello and Nat Philips on tenor sax"