Wednesday, November 22, 2023 by Montez Press Radio #performance #radio plays

Bailey Scieszka: Whorology

Bailey Scieszka brings us Whorology, the dramaturgical saga of Old Put.

In episode one we meet Old Put, who works retail for the Detroit based company Enron Watches. By night, she creates a replica of the Playboy Mansion for her 12-inch fashion dolls. Old Put goes on a journey to meet the creator of Enron watches after faking her death to make her artwork (wicker sex dolls) more valuable.

In episode two, "Blood on the Corn," Old Put is working as a butler at the Playboy Mansion West. Todd Popadopalis, worldwide watch mogul and creator of Enron Watches, has purchased the Playboy Mansion and spends his days building automatons with mechanical hearts. His latest monstrosity is a recreation of The Zodiac Killer. Guests begin to be picked off in a replica of The Shining maze that Todd had erected out of corn. It is up to Old Put to determine who is real and who is fake as she races against time to find the killer.