Tuesday, March 30, 2021 by Montez Press Radio


A cool thing that happens on the radio is the way threads organically, unexpectedly develop between different shows in a given month. This month, the thread was friendship  (´・ω・`)

Listening to people who like each other a lot simply vibe might just be one of the many the secret ingredients in the mysterious recipe for what makes a "good segment". 

Check out a few of the shows from our March broadcast in which the hosts get along really well, and have chemistry that is very, very pleasant to be included in:

Craig Kalpakjian and Arto Lindsay: Mise en abîme / stairway to hell episode 3
Aria Dean and Emmanuel Olunkwa: The Radio Show: Energy 003
Bob Nickas and Adrian Rew: The Singer, Not the Song / Name That Tune
The Drunken Canal Attempts to Fill An Hour, with Jacky Flowers
Whitney Mallett and Seashell Coker featuring Esther Choi: Mukbangers

Image: Gargoyles at the Cloisters