Wednesday, December 16, 2020 by Montez Press Radio #poetry

A Day for Lewis Warsh

Last week, we had the honor of celebrating the life and work of our friend Lewis Warsh (1944-2020) as part of a day-long tribute co-organized with Ugly Ducking Presse that featured a combination of in-real-time readings of his work by friends and loved ones, and archival recordings of Lewis in his own voice from the past half-century of his life as a poet. 

If you could only tune in for part of the day or missed it all together, you can find the readings on our site here and here.

If you'd like to hear the conversation we had with Lewis last March, where we spoke about teaching, publishing, and community, you can find that here. That segment begins and ends with additional readings by Lewis, who generously joined us on MPR and believed in the project right from the start. I imagine he made all of his students feel supported in this way—so it meant a lot to be able to participate in and help facilitate this broadcast. We were lucky to have known him.