If you haven't heard Viktor Timofeev's recurring show Sibling Gardens you have some catching up to do. Looking now, there's seven episodes in the archive hosted by Viktor himself, in which artists who primarily work in visual media are invited to contribute recordings, songs, and sound collages for a mix compiled by Viktor.

Last week, Viktor handed the show over to Tomasz Kowalski for a guest appearance. The episode is played and sung in the form of a spontaneous outdoor ritual or folk operette, performed by Kowalski on digital glockenspiel/bells orchestra, classical dx guitar, midi harp, flute and voice accompanied by a loop choir. Each musical section is interrupted by Zuzanna Bartoszek's readings of her poetry, to which each subsequent fragment loosely refers. I loved Zuzanna's poems, and their cynicism and irony, in the context of Sibling Gardens—a show which links disparate artists across disparate fields and brings them together across time and space—became appropriately and pleasantly tangled. 


I put my phone away

Again, the day collapses upon me with all its weight

I surrender with joy

Some window opens

And a landscape is revealed:

Violet hills,

An awry cliff,

And something like a dying bonfire

This is my painting

Enlarged, printed, and hung just behind the window

It obscures the whole view

Except a gap at the bottom

A narrow strip with a street

With fucked-up cars

And fucked-up people


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