From Storefront for Art and Architecture's most recent broadcast, this is the architect and curator, Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli's video RIDERS NOT HEROES: ANATOMY OF A DELIVERY.

This short film dissects the multiple realities that collide throughout the duration of a food delivery: a complex system where bodily, chemical, and synthetic regimes are entangled in a short time frame, collapsing the acts of ordering and delivering. Two apparently frictionless gestures mark the extremes of a hidden anatomy, mirrored in the social separation and yet shared condition between customers and riders. Both are precarious, exhausted bodies. Both are cogs in the greater delivery industry. 



The rest of the episide, which covers supply chains, Amazon's mechanical turks, the gamification of manual labor, the legacies of fordlandia, the physical wake of online shopping, and much more can be found in the archive here ---> Storefront for Art and Architecture On the Ground: Broadcasts | Analogue