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Street Cries

“Street music was a continual subject of controversy. Intellectuals were irritated by it. Serious musicians were outraged - for frequently it appears that unmusical persons would engage in the practice, not at all to bring pleasure, but merely to have their silence bought off. But resistance moved to the middle class as well, as soon as it contemplated an elevation of lifestyle. After art music moved indoors, street music became an object of increasing scorn, and a study of European noise abatement legislation between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries shows how increasing amounts of it were directed against this activity.” R. Murray Schafer, from The Soundscape: Our Sonic Environment and the Tuning of the World

Tracklist: - Romanticism began at twilight and ended with electricity (love story) - 2 kittens walking gingerly on piano (waiting for Celes to get back from the club in Praga edit) - Inside cover something outside - Ear stretch, - Utility instrument, the only thing on hand, instrument for recording and recording as instrument - Sensing when to stop, standing still in a tunnel is suspicious, performance as instrument ------ End of preface - “We oblige to visit” Stare Miasto - Improvisation towards seeking out a public space where no one goes -The study of noise legislation is interesting, not because anything is ever really accomplished by it, rather because it provides us with a concrete register of acoustic phobias and nuisances. - The sacralization of private property - The saddest angel in Kraków - Changes in legislation give us clues to changing social attitudes, important for the accurate treatment of sound symbolism. - “Acoustic calendar” - Okrąglak w piątek - Illusion of performing a normal task in order to make recording - Diabełki - The “Für Elise” box was broken - Być normalnym (z Wojtkiem) - Lit by a host of lights … the Cut was packed from wall to wall… The hubbub was deafening, the traders all crying their wares with the full force of their lungs against the background din of a horde of street musicians - …and will demonstrate what great obstacles are opposed by street music to. - Improvisation towards collaboration, corroboration - (z Dom i Kołt) - Improvisation towards hiding, silencing

Microregional notes collected by FG and NP. Mikroregionalne notatki zebrane przez FG i NP.

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