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Revisiting an early, formative segment with Adrian Rew (Ergot Records) and Carol Parkinson who co-produced Tellus Audio Cassette Magazine from 1983-1993. A subscription to Tellus would get you a bi-monthly cassette in the mail with recordings featuring poets, artists, no wave punks, and new music composers, mostly downtown NYC (though sometimes issues were made up of entirely China-based contributors). Every issue of tellus is online at Harvestworks here. 

A favorite work in Tellus is from issue #22 from 1988 where Gretchen Bender's Artificial Treatment layers multiple outtakes of a television news anchor reporting a gruesome scene, leaving a listener to imagine it. The anchor's well-rehearsed takes synch robotically until each gives way to some all too human mistake. The result is a terrifying and uncanny revelation of the fairly banal process of mediating reality. Bender was not only a great artist, she also worked in mainstream media producing things like Megadeath music videos and the intro to the TV hit America's Most Wanted


Listen to the conversation with Carol and Adrian here.


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