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The Winner Takes It All

It's Just Eurovision · Eurovision 2006: Finland (Lordi - Hard Rock...


Throughout the past 60 years, The Eurovision Song Contest has mapped out a soft focus, sequinned version of the trials and shifting dynamics that have faced Europe — via boycotts, voting alliances and winning lyrics. The contest is primarily about the songs, but also about soft politics and the drama of nationhood; the myth and reality of the economic, social and political conglomerate called Europe. In May 2020, the Eurovision Song Contest had been cancelled for the first time in its history. As a gesture to fill the void of this absence, The Winner Takes It All presents a programme of audio artworks that make use of or pay homage to the pop song as a politically and socially potent medium. These works make use of the nostalgia, schmalz and escapism of pop music, lyrics that can say both everything and nothing, catchy hooks and ear-worm choruses. They repurpose these qualities to express social and personal anxieties: depending on your level of listening, you can dance along to them or get pulled into their underlying social critiques — or both at the same time. Featuring works by Gabriella Hirst, Rowland Hill, Larisa Crunțeanu and Rosa Johan Uddoh. Gabriella Hirst’s work ’Siren Song’ was co-written and produced by MajiKer. Larisa Crunteau's work ‘A Small Insignificant Love’ was co-written and produced by Electric Brother.


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